Brytningspunkt i Israel?

BergYair Lapid, the dark horse of Israel’s 2013 election, on Tuesday night became the candidate most courted by both the right and left blocs. While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is interested in making Lapid a major anchor in the broad government he is planning, the center bloc – and especially the Labor Party – has its eyes on Lapid as the next prime minister…  Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu was shocked at the results of the exit polls, which gave it 31 seats, in stark contrast to the 42 seats the two parties garnered separately in the last election. (Haaretz, onsdag)

Lapid told campaign workers in Tel Aviv: ”We must now … find the way to work together to find real solutions for real people. I call on the leaders of the political establishment to work with me together, to the best they can, to form as broad a government as possible that will contain in it the moderate forces from the left and right, the right and left, so that we will truly be able to bring about real change.” (The Guardian, onsdag)

JERUSALEM — Israel’s elections on Tuesday weakened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and raised the prospect of a more centrist government that could ease strained relations with Washington and signal more flexibility in peace efforts with the Palestinians. (Wahington Post, onsdag)

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