Över en miljon amerikaner röstade på The Green Party

”I’m Green because I can’t take the lies and the conditions anymore. Homelessness while there are empty houses, prisons built while schools close, children being shot down on our streets by police, mothers losing their children to the state because they don’t have water in their homes and can’t afford the water bill. My friends and family can’t afford to wait anymore to try to change the Democratic Party .People who can wait are not familiar with our reality. The one party system is killing our people and it’s high time we stand up and say something, and more importantly, change it. It can’t change unless we break with the corporations’ money and that’s exactly what the Green Party is doing. It stands up to dirty money and puts forward the vision of the world we want to live in. We can’t wait any more. Building our party now will help to ensure a future for all of our children and generations to come…” (The Green Party, Cheri Honkala, USA)

The 2016 elections are over, and the filing deadline for the 2017 elections in Illinois is coming up fast! If you’ve ever contemplated running for office, there’s no better time than now. A majority of elections in Illinois go uncontested in almost every election cycle. ”Elected” officials aren’t actually campaigning at all in many towns, villages, counties, and other districts — and that means they’re not answerable to voters, either. You can help build a stronger democracy by running as a Green Party candidate for local office. Submit your name and address via our Run for Office web form, and we’ll take a look at your districts to see what office you could be eligible for. Act fast – there’s only a month left to submit paperwork and petition signatures for ballot access, so interested candidates need to be ready to hit the ground running!

Solidarity, Geoffrey Cubbage
Illinois Green Party Volunteer Director

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