Reflections on similarities in European and U.S. corona death rates

Consider the figures and the chart below which shows a selection of European nations and their outcomes so far regarding covid-19. Isn’t there a pretty obvious pattern? Three countries have not suceeded in pressing down the death rates like all the other countries in this chart (which are all bending their curves rather similarly): Great Britain, Sweden and the U.S.

Britain at the moment having the highest death rate of those tree. Only Belgium is worse off, at the top (bad picture, I know). Look at the table further below for exact figures.

1. Is there a joint factor that distinguish these three countries from the others, explaining their developement? Something in their strategy against the virus?

2. What about Belgium and their extreme records? Is EU travellers the single explanation? They seem now to have stopped the cause that affected them at the start, though.

3. Neighbouring countries with strikingly similar rates: Germany and Denmark. Finland and Estonia. Greece and Cyprus. What is the expanation – what does geographic nearness engender in this case dealing with the corona virus?

There are more such coinciding values in the table below …

European Corona Mortality rate by country
Källa: Johns Hopkins, 19 juli 2020
Country Deaths/100K population
Belgium 85.80
United Kingdom 68.22
Spain 60.83
Italy 57.99
Sweden 55.18
France 45.02
US 42.83
Ireland 36.12
Netherlands 35.72
Switzerland 23.12
Germany 10.96
Denmark 10.54
Austria 8.04
Hungary 6.10
Finland 5.94
Estonia 5.22
Poland 4.26
Czechia 3.37
Ukraine 3.35
Lithuania 2.87
Greece 1.81
Latvia 1.61
Cyprus 1.60






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